Why choose South Africa?

The Drakensburg, South Africa

Well, there are several good reasons to choose South Africa when thinking of an African holiday. I recently had a look at South Africa a lot more closely than usual and was asking myself that very same question. When it comes to knowledge on Africa (apart from Egypt and Morocco) I admit I was a little green, but I have to say I have an extremely hungry appetite to head South now.

Here are some things I didn’t realize – South Africa is a country with the highest bio-diversity of any country in Africa, and ranks amongst the most bio-diverse countries in the world behind Brazil and Indonesia. There are species of plants and animals that are found nowhere else on the planet, and beautiful scenery to go along with them.

The African lion

South Africa has an infrastructure unlike any other part of Africa, which makes getting around quite a lot easier than in the rest of the continent. The roads are generally in excellent condition, accessing most points in the country efficiently and connecting major cities. In Africa, that’s nothing to be scoffed at!

There are several climactic zones too, offering vastly different holiday options depending on what it is you’re looking for. Experience the solitude of the desert and enjoy traditional countryside hospitality in the Kalahari. Explore miles and miles of pristine beaches, taking a dip in the warm waters on the East coast or sticking to the white sandy beaches (and avoiding the chilly water) of the West coast. See the wetlands of St. Lucia, which have the most species of animal of all the parks in SA, track big game on the open savannah, or climb some of Africa’s highest peaks in the Drakensburg. And of course, there’s that famous flat-topped beauty: Table Mountain in Cape Town is a relatively easy climb, and rewards the persistent with amazing views of the city and the deep blue Atlantic Ocean.

South Africa is also fondly called the Rainbow Nation which shows its human diversity as a county that supports all cultures. There are 11 official languages and not one true South African stereotype. The climate makes it an all round visiting destination, similar to that in Queensland, enabling a sports-mad culture to prosper. I have made South Africa my number one dream now and can’t wait for On The Go to make it come true!

Emma McInnes





Camps Bay, Cape Town.




Emma seems to be having second thoughts about South Africa – and now seems keen to go! Being a South African, I’m somewhat biased, but I’m sure you won’t be disappointed Emma. And by the time you read this, that’s exactly where I’ll be! 😉 – Matt


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