Is it safe to travel to Egypt now?

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2019)

This is something we’ve been asked a few times now, so we thought we’d give you the low-down on what it’s like in Egypt at the moment based on the reports of a few different people. In a nutshell, there’s never been a better time to travel to Egypt!

Firstly, here’s a comment left on Facebook by one of our passengers: “I have just come back from there (Egypt) and you won’t have a problem. On the Go do their utmost to ensure your safety. Not once did I feel threatened and most of the tourist sites are so quiet that you have them to yourselves. You will have an absolute blast.”

One of our directors, Jay Lakshman was also recently there and had this to say when one of our Facebook fans asked if it was safe to travel to Egypt: “I’m here right now in Cairo as I write this! All our tours are running as planned now and yes – it is safe to travel. We follow foreign office advice and there are no travel warnings for Egypt. Don’t worry – you’ll have a great time.”

Here’s a quote from Ellie Utterson who works at Round the World Experts and recently went on the Egypt Unplugged tour: “From everything we saw, and were told by our guide (who was incredible), Egypt is safe to travel to … I would 100% recommend that now is a great time to go! It was AMAZING!”

We posed the same question to our Operations Manager Simone Wilkins-Keshk, who is based in Cairo: “Cairo is back to normal, with the exception of the thousands of tourists that usually roam its ancient sites. The summer has started, the days are warm and life is good. I never feel unsafe. You can be out on the streets till late at night enjoying the summer fun or travel to the local villages and you are welcomed just as you were pre-revolution. Last weekend we went out to the Pyramids area and we took camels at Saqqara and had shisha in a local coffee shop late in the evening. Again, there wasn’t any tension or friction, people have just moved on with their lives. One thing I will say is that this is good time to visit as the temples and tombs are free from the hordes of tourists which really allows you take in their true brilliance.”

So not only is it totally safe in Egypt, but it’s also an excellent time to go. The weather is stunning and there are very few crowds to get in the way of seeing the country’s treasures. Director of the Egyptian State Tourist Office in London, Mr. Khaled Ramy had this to say: “Yes it is safe and a very good time to travel to Egypt. The value for money is very favourable at present and the weather is fine, water in the Red Sea is warm. Everywhere is safe and business is as usual – all tourist sites are open as usual and less crowded which is why it is the best time to go to Egypt right now.”

So there we have it. Egypt is definitely safe and there has scarcely been a better time to go!


2 comments on “Is it safe to travel to Egypt now?

  1. Doing a tour in May. In light of the recent troubles in Egypt, what happens if we cannot travel?

    • Hi Sharon. Of course safety of our passengers is paramount. We follow advice as set out by the British Foreign Office and currently there are no travel restrictions to Egypt. All our tours are operating smoothly as per normal. If the British FCO travel advice changed we would refund all travellers or offer free deferment of travel arrangements to another date. Hope this helps.

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