Misty Kilimanjaro: tracking big game in Africa

Waking up and looking out of the tent at Kilimanjaro shrouded in mist was an amazing start to the day. After a hearty breakfast it was time to head into Amboseli National Park. Just a few minutes from the lodge, we came across three elephants just 5 metres from the road. Seeing these magnificent animals up close makes you realise just how powerful they are, also just how wrinkly their skin is!

Amboseli was quiet on the animal front, which is normal for this time of year. Antelope and zebra were spotted along the drive and always in the background was Mt Kilimanjaro, still with the peak covered in mist, which is quite common.  As we left the park, Kilimanjaro was silhouetted by a firey red sunset, making the clouds surrounding the peak a delicate pink. The red reflected off the tin stalls along the road, complementing the Masai blankets being sold.

On the last 20 minutes on the drive to the lodge, we were lucky enough to see more elephants and as we turned a corner, giraffe were crossing the road in front of us. All in all, a good day of game viewing, even if some of it was outside the park!

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