SihanoukVille seafood – the freshest ever!

Cambodia: Fresh seafood on the beach

While I was in Cambodia I had the freshest seafood I think I have ever experienced. My favourite was in SihanoukVille, a lazy beach side town that is the perfect spot to rest for a few days on your holiday to Cambodia. Along the beach each day there are local ladies selling super fresh seafood to tourists and locals alike. I enjoyed some lobsters, which were just delicious and being served with fresh lime really added to the flavour. This soon became my favourite snack in Cambodia so I bought some every day I was at the beach.

They also sold freshly BBQ’d calamari sticks and they carried a miniature charcoal barbecue with them so you saw them being cooked – you can’t get much fresher than that! Other snacks are also on offer including some donuts for desert so you really don’t need to move all day from your beach chair! I definitely recommend trying the local seafood that is on offer and I am sure you will enjoy it too!

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