Tiger update from India

On The Go Tours supports a range of local organisations in the destinations that we visit. One of them is TOFT (Travel Operators for Tigers) which ensures that the local environmental efforts in India to conserve these amazing animals are sustained and successful. Here’s an update from three of the main parks that we visit in India: Badhavgarh Tiger Reserve, Ranthambore Tiger Reserve and Panna Tiger Reserve.

A tiger looks on in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve


Bandavgarh is reporting more tigers than usual, with 1 per 3.5 square kilometres. Visitors often report seeing more than one tiger per game drive, making it a particularly rewarding park to visit. Although there aren’t any cubs around at the moment, there are a few females with young adults. With all the extra tigers around, Bandhavgarh is taking measures to aid tiger dispersal to avoid over-crowding.


Apart from good tiger viewing, there are reports of good leopard and sloth bear sightings. The park is very green and the lakes are all full, making for great scenery on the game drives. Sadly, one tigress recently died, leaving four cubs behind who are now unlikely to survive. Another tigress has moved into a buffer reserve zone nearby with her two sub-adult cubs to get away from a threatening male tiger in a nearby region.


Panna is often overlooked as a reserve, and it’s actually one of the best parks to visit. Panna has some of the best guides, it’s incredibly scenic, and it’s only a half hour drive from Khajuraho. It’s also got a reputation for having some of the best all round game viewing, with many sightings of leopard, sloth bear, deer and wild boar. They also have 7 of the 8 Indian vulture species, which is very unusual as most species are highly endangered. One male and two female tigers were recently relocated to the park, and both now have cubs.

That’s the latest on the parks in India that we visit. If you’d like more information on the tigers in these areas, the parks themselves or the work that TOFT are involved in, please leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to answer you.

Happy game viewing!


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