A young writer in Egypt with On the Go Tours

Today’s guest post comes from one of our younger travellers, 12 year-old Joseph Firth who has just returned from taking in all of Egypt‘s highlights on our Classic Family Adventure.

Joseph Firth with Robin Hood

The greatest part of this wonderful experience has got to have been the camel ride. On Robin Hood, the name of my camel, I had a great time. It was nothing like I had ever experienced. He was so comfy. I could have stayed on all day it was so chillaxing (relaxing and chilling). The sweet warmth of the African sun gently warming me up. There was a lovely view of the pyramids at Giza and the skyline of Cairo and Giza in the background. It was a perfect day.

My camel was called Robin Hood after the legandary character who stole from the rich to give to the poor, Caz’s camel was named Casanova, and Dads was named Charlie Brown  (I don’t know who Charlie Brown and Casanova were they where probably some famous people from before my time). I think Charlie Brown the camel had something going on with Casanova – watch out, love is in the air! Robin Hood was the greatest, before I knew his name I called him Jerry! Jerry, what a cool name for a camel. I would recommend camel riding to anyone it is so much fun! Marvellous.

Thanks Joseph, it sounds like you had a fantastic time!

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