A young writer in Egypt with On the Go Tours – Part 2

Today’s guest post is the second from our young traveller Joe Firth, who recently did a family tour with us in Egypt. This is his account of his spectacular hot-air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings. Thanks Joe!

It was so totally awesome, I mean the view was gorgeous like a pair of the newest designer shoes or the newest games console or the fastest sports car, like a Ferrari. You could see for miles up there with the caressant breeze it was mega. I could see both sides of the river Nile, its waves lapping against the shoreline of the east and the west side of the Nile’s bank. I could see the temple of Hatshepsut with its amazing structure with three floors and it is still standing today from thousands of years in the past. I also could see the Karnak temple which is in The Spy Who Loved Me James Bond film, starring Roger Moore – the scene where they follow Jaws into there and he grabs onto the bumper to stop them from escaping. The sunrise was spectacular, its vividness covered the whole of the morning sky. It was so wicked. I loved it. What an experience and a once in a lifetime opportunity. Spectacular.

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