Tracking the Big 5 in the Serengeti

(Last Updated On: October 19, 2016)
Katie’s Mufasa on Lion Rock

Within minutes of entering the Serengeti National Park we came across a large collection of rocks with a family of lions! This time Mufasa was in the house. It looked like a scene out of the Lion King! One of the lionesses had a collar on and we learnt that she was one that the National Geographic follows. I’m proud to say while travelling in Africa I met a celebrity but a little disappointed she didn’t come over and sign an autograph. That night we set up camp right in the park for dinner and a good night’s sleep. We were told that night if we had to go to the bathroom we had to go in pairs and that we had to shine a light first to see if the eyes were yellow or red. Yellow meant go ahead and pee and red meant you are holding it the rest of the night. I did wake up at one point but could hear something moving

An African sunrise

directly outside my tent and decided to just hold it and sleep. I found out the next morning there were hyenas roaming around our tents. I’m happy I held it. While we were in the park the wildebeest were migrating and we had the privilege of listening to the loud grunting all night long. As annoying as it may have been, it was so cool to listen to them all night under the stars!

In the morning we woke up in time to catch the sunrise over the acacia trees. It was beautiful. While we were stopped the wildebeest migration starting running across where I was taking photos of the sunrise and it made for some great photos. That day we saw a lot but the highlight was definitely running into two randy lions getting it on. I’m not kidding, we had two lions mating literally ten feet away from our truck. Over and over again. It was

The look of love.

hilarious. Most of my photos were blurry because we all couldn’t help but make funny comments and I couldn’t always hold the camera still. Don’t worry I have a couple good shots.

Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater has been the best experience so far this trip. I absolutely loved this.  We were lucky enough to have seen Africa’s big five within this excursion and have photos, videos, and memories that will last a lifetime!

 -Katie Powell

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