Welcome to the jungle: wild adventures in Africa

Sally is travelling across Africa at the moment, much like our competition winners Katie and Evan. Read about her adventures here, and stay tuned for more.

This is the first chance I have had on a computer to send you all an email update. A lot of our campsites have had wi-fi so I can check internet on my iPod but it’s too hard to write a long email. So I shall try and recap the best I can for you all!

After arriving in Nairobi, the pre-departure meeting went well. I dined on some Chinese and went to bed super early – didn’t sleep on my flight from Dubai to Nairobi as I was in business class and there was just too much going on with my 4 course meal!! There were about 10 Aussies upgraded and other people on my tour were also so it’s obviously not a busy leg.

The first stop was the Masai Mara, 25 in the group, a lot of couples and then some solo travellers too. We saw heaps of animals, and saw the migration of the wildebeest which had just started. We saw giraffe, zebra, leopards (which are super hard to find), lions, vultures eating a carcass, lots of birds, cheetah, elephant, hippos in the river, buffalo from afar. So that’s 4 out of the ‘Big 5’. Not bad on our first game-drive of the trip! For our first 2 nights we were all put in permanent tents with proper beds, which was nice. The meals are delicious, beef stew, Spaghetti Bolognese; we have even had goat a couple of times…. not too bad but not my favourite. Breakfasts are always a cooked option as well as toast and cereal. Lunches are all the same – sandwiches on the side of the road or if it’s a free day it is usually a cooked lunch too.

Next we had some long travel days as we made it to Uganda for gorilla trekking. We trekked about 1.5 hours. They have trackers out in the morning so you head to where they think they would have moved to from the day before. It was pretty much gorilla stalking as you follow them while the silver-back charges and moves away. We finally found one black back (younger male), who was happy to be photographed while eating, until it caught one girl looking it in its eyes and it charged! It was about 2 meters from her! The trek out was so hard – all uphill. It was proper trekking through jungle, across rivers, and reeds, and needless to say I was covered in mud after it all! Some other groups only had to walk about 30 minutes which was the day after we trekked. Our group trekked over 2 days. I am glad we had a decent trek though as it really felt like we deserved to see them once we found them!


When not trekking we had free time in Lake Bunyonyi – called overland camp – Google it if you have time. It’s so pretty, such a beautiful setting. Most people upgraded to permanent tents, but 5 of us stayed true to our camping and had a beautiful spot overlooking the lake. There was lots of swimming, winning some games of pool and book reading. We also had a visit to a local school where most of us made a donation. Some even sponsored children there; it was a cool experience. We also met the crazy lady of the village who seemed to like groping people! Another option that I didn’t do was a day trip to Rwanda to the genocide museum. It probably would have been really good to do, but I decided to use my day doing laundry and swimming instead.

From here we went to Ginga, and i found out my university results – I have passed and been approved for graduation! I celebrated with a 44m bungee – just a baby one – and a full day rafting on the Nile River. There were some proper grade 5 rapids and our boat flipped twice. The second time I came up under the boat and freaked myself out! It was awesome! I’m not sure I will have time in Victoria Falls for rafting on the Zambezi, so I’m glad did it there – it was great day out. So tired at the end of it all though!

Sally McKenzie

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