Katie’s top 5 global watering holes

Katie Powell won our Get Rid Of Me competition back in 2010, and recently completed her 6 month journey across the world. Here’s her list of her top 5 favourite global watering holes.

Sundowners on the Zambezi River

After reading this you are going to be convinced Evan and I are alcoholics.  Most of the bars we went to were during our 57 day trek from Kenya to Cape Town.  Every camp site had a bar!

1. Yangshou, China: Monkey Jane’s

During a day of sightseeing in the town of Yangshou, China we enjoyed extremely cheap drinks at an anniversary party for Monkey Jane’s later in the evening. We had no real intention to go due to our rather early departure time from the hotel the following morning but somehow we ended up there consuming half of the bar. I personally went for the two dollar double margaritas on the rocks and Evan opted for the beer. This bar was memorable not just for the cheap drinks but because the view from the top was amazing. You could see out to all of the surrounding mountains that were all light up. We knew it was time to go to bed when those nightlights went out!

2. Marrakech, Morocco: Name unknown

In Morocco it’s pretty hard to find places that serve alcohol but if you look hard enough you will find them. One afternoon Evan and I put on our detective caps while wandering the Djemaa al Fna Marrakech and found ourselves at a hotel lobby where you could have a drink. This really felt like a top secret operation because when we were seated the barman leaned in and whispered “we have beer, wine, and vodka”. However we took the gamble and enjoyed a couple of cold “Castle” beers and free popcorn while watching the people outside the window zip through the busy streets.

3. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

During our stay in Victoria Falls we were invited to go on a sundowners cruise on the Zambezi River to have a few drinks and enjoy the sunset. What a beautiful setting – cruising along the river, enjoying a few drinks at the end of a long day in Africa, watching hippos and elephants lounge on the water’s edge.

A glimpse of the collection of memorabilia at Meserani Snake Park, Tanzania

4. Arusha, Tanzania: Meserani Snake Park

This bar was so neat! It is filled with all kinds of memorabilia from all around the world: everything from flags, to bank notes, and even underwear. You name it, it’s hanging on their walls. The best part of this campsite and bar is that they also run a free medical clinic to the local Maasai people. The people who run the bar are the doctors in their spare time! I couldn’t believe someone far more educated than me was serving me vodka and soda water. Something is wrong with that picture! I should have been serving them for working so hard. The site is also home to a rescue center for snakes, crocs, and birds.

5 – Namibia: The Cheetah Park.

Katie and the cheetah

The Cheetah Park is home to three tame cheetahs and also has an enclosure for rescued ones from the wild. It was amazing to have such an up close and personal experience with the tame cheetahs. They just roamed around the yard, brushed up against us, posed for photos and then had a drink out of the fish pond. I am assuming there are no longer any fish! After our visit with the three tame ones we boarded into a little trailer and drove right into the enclosure where they kept the wild ones and fed them dinner. Of course at this park they have a bar that is home to a nicely preserved pair of elephant ears and his fifth leg. All along the bar they had coins from all around the world glued to the counter top. They even had a Canadian quarter and a Loonie! This was a great place to relax, sip ice cold Savanna Dry and hope none of the cheetahs escaped for a midnight snack during your walk back to your tent!

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