Love travel? Write, film or photograph your way to a festive tour with us!

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2022)
New Year in Red Square – the party of the year!

Writers, photographers and makers of films – bloggers in general – we want to send you away on a festive adventure!

We love to hear about the adventures that our travellers have with us on their adventures, whether they’re written pieces, photos or videos of their travels. We aren’t looking for professional-grade content, but if you have a passion for photography, writing, or filming your travels, you could win a festive tour with us! What’s more, your videos, blogs and photos will be put up here on our blog and all over our other social networks for thousands of travel fans to see and enjoy.

We’ll choose three winners (one from each category) and they’ll each choose one of five different destinations to travel to: Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Russia or Morocco. Each one will have its own unique flavour, with a new range of adventures for our explorers to enjoy and show the world.

Here are some of the entries that we’ve had so far from travellers around the world:

Austin Fassino – photographer:

Austin is from Hudson, WI in the good ol’ USA. He has a website ( and is fascinated by the Russian people, their culture, and the history of the country.


The Rose Red City of Petra

Gillian Lunn – photographer

A youth worker from Australia, Gillian has taken the year off to experience life in London and travel as much as possible. A passionate traveller and photographer, Gillan is itching to get out there!

Andrew Pendleton – videographer

One of our most recent entrants, Andrew is a student in Arkansas and has been making films since his junior high days when he would make movies with his friends.

Veronica Lunn – Videographer

Veronica is halfway into her year abroad in London and is trying to travel as much as she can. She really wants to explore the world!

Adam Groffman – Blogger

Adam (@travelsofadam) has been travelling the world for the last 15 months and has a popular travel blog where he shares his stories and videos about his adventures.

So those are just five of the entrants we have so far. Send a description across to us of no more than 200 words along with picture to enter. And here’s the key – get as many people to like your photo once we post it on our Facebook page, and we’ll choose a winner from each of the three categories.

Good luck!

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