On the Go Tours presents a cure for bad news.

Today the fall in global stock markets continues. Also, a piece of space junk the size of a bus is due to crash to earth at some point tonight, and no-one knows where. (Or if they do, they aren’t telling us.) Arctic sea ice is at a record low. There’s panic in the streets! Rolling news really can make one feel like the end is nigh, and being constantly told that the world is coming to an end is really tiring. Sometimes you need to just switch off the TV, the cellphone and the radio and take a deep breath. (Don’t turn your computer off just yet or you won’t be able to read what I’ve written here.)

Perhaps it’s time for an escape plan. We can’t escape completely just yet, but we can get a change of scenery, see the Wonders of the World, relax a little bit, and even if the news is depressing, at least we won’t understand it. Ignorance is bliss and all that sort of thing.

But here’s some genuinely good news for a change: right now you can get $50 off your next holiday with On The Go! You can use it for group tours, tailor-made holidays, family adventures, festivals and events and everything in between. Head over to our Facebook page, click on the $50 Discount Voucher tab and hit the Download button. When you’re done, give us a call and book your holiday from crazy town. (You’ll need to turn your phone back on at this point.)

So, get US$50 off with On the Go Tours, but only if you like us on Facebook. Head to our page now, hit that ‘like’ button and download your voucher for $50 off your next holiday. And start packing!

Here’s a link to the small print. (There isn’t very much I promise.)

Have a super weekend and thanks for reading. Look out for space junk.

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