How to Say ‘Cheers’ in Different Languages (2 minute read)

(Last Updated On: December 7, 2021)

With the festive season coming up, one of the words you’ll definitely need to know how to say is Cheers. It’s a universal phrase, as useful as any other. Saying Cheers is an expression of goodwill and something that every traveller should know. It can be used in bars and restaurants, hotels, shops and anywhere else where a service is provided to you. Wherever you’re travelling with us, or you’d simply like to thank someone on holiday, here’s a list of how to say Cheers in different languages. Enjoy!

A bar in Africa - how to say cheers in different languages
An impressively decorated bar in Africa, taken by Katie Powell during her worldwide trip. The perfect place for practising your Swahili!

How to say ‘Cheers’ in different languages

Africa: (Swahili): Maisha marefu! Afya! Vifijo!

Antarctica: There aren’t any native Antarcticans apart from penguins, but at least you’ll have plenty of ice!

Central / South America (Spanish): ¡Salud!

(Portuguese): Saude

China (Mandarin): Gan bay.

Egypt (Arabic): Fi sahitak

Himalayas (Nepalese): Pyunu hos

Mongolian: Tulgatsgaaya

India (Hindi): Acchī sehata

Israel (Hebrew): L’chaim

Russia: Na zdorovie!

South Korea: Gun bae

Turkey: Şerefe!

Vietnamese: Dô (Jou) / Vô (Dzo)

Where will you be heading this festive season? And how will you be saying ‘Cheers’? If you’d like to learn a foreign language whilst travelling, then check out our blog post on the subject!

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  1. I live in Galway Ireland and we say Slainte which is Cheers but really means good health!
    Will be in the U.S at Christmas where I think they say Cheers…?

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