Touring Central America from Cancún to Antigua

(Last Updated On: June 20, 2022)

I travelled to Central America on our 10-day Cancún to Antigua tour earlier this year. Here’s a photo blog I compiled while I was there.  


Tulum is a Mayan ruin complex on the beach with a variety of rooms and temples in varying states, some well-maintained, others reduced to dilapidated ruins. The highlight was swimming in the azure waters and looking back at the ruins on the clifftop. Look out for the many large iguanas waddling through the grounds.

Caye Caulker

This was taken just before we went snorkelling on our optional day trip to Caye Caulker. Look at all those sharks! I know the crew said they didn’t bite, but a shark is a shark and there’s always a first time! Stingrays galore, moray eels and scores of brightly coloured fish and turtles too.


Tikal is hidden away in the jungle, with hundreds of pyramids and ruins and many more covered by the jungle where it has taken over. After climbing up one of the tallest pyramids to get an overview of the temple tops peaking out through the trees in the blistering heat, it was a welcome relief to wander through the shade of the trees looking at the remains of the Mayan culture.


The rickety steps at Tikal

Luckily you can’t climb up these steps – vertical to the top and very rickety! This was also taken at Tikal, Guatemala.

Flores, Guatemala

Flores, Guatemala with its brightly coloured buildings, is a delight, A tiny island joined to the mainland by a bridge, it’s a quaint place with cobbled streets, restaurants and bars on the waterfront, perfect for sundowners and a really chilled out atmosphere.

Abandoned boats on the way to Livingstone, Garifuna

Heading out to Livingstone, Guatemala to the Garifuna settlement on a small boat, we passed loads of abandoned boats, some rusted badly and sinking, with odd parts floating by the shore. All in all, probably over 100 boats were abandoned and left to weather the climate.

The town centre of Livingstone, Guatemala

Livingstone, home of the Garifuna, filled with brightly coloured souvenirs, carvings of all kinds, locals in traditional clothes and some wayward sheep wandering through the market stalls!

Chicken bus, Guatemala

Chicken buses in Guatemala are colourful, painted in all sorts of designs and colours and a great way to travel. They were originally North American school buses, but are promptly redecorated once they arrive in Guatemala. Travelling with the locals gives one a unique insight into Central American life. It isn’t luxurious, but it’s a lot of fun and an experience you’ll never forget.

Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua city in Guatemala, with its old colonial buildings, cobbled streets and a stunning backdrop of volcanoes – is well worth spending a few days in before or after the tour. Take advantage of the great restaurants, salsa bars galore and fabulous markets!

Homer Simpson, Central American style

Central America was a lot of fun, and the unique style of travel makes it all the more authentic. I’d highly recommend it!

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