Taking in the View From Mount Nebo, Jordan (3 minute read)

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2021)

Mount Nebo is a viewpoint and summit in Jordan where (according to the Bible) Moses first saw the Holy Land. Like most sites in Jordan, you can find some ancient ruins – this time a Byzantine chapel. Mount Nebo is one of Jordan’s most important Christian holy sites and Pope John Paul II even visited in 2000. When the Pope visited the Christian holy site he planted an olive tree as a symbol of peace. In 2009, Pope Benedict XVI also visited Mount Nebo. Today, many travellers make it a stopover on their way through Jordan because the view from Mount Nebo is one you certainly won’t want to miss.

The view from Mount Nebo – courtesy of Adam Groffman

But the best part of Mount Nebo is its incredible views of Jordan, Israel and the West Bank. From the top of Mount Nebo, you have an expansive view of the surrounding area – from Jericho and Jerusalem to the Jordan Valley in the north. Jerusalem isn’t very far from here – only 40 km – and on a clear day, the Mount of Olives (in Western Jerusalem) is clearly visible.

From Mount Nebo, it’s also possible to see the very northern tip of the Dead Sea. The brown, rolling hills of the surrounding valleys are an incredible sight to behold. Especially when you think of how old the place is and it’s historical (and biblical) significance. There’s not much to see at Mount Nebo, but the view alone makes it worth a stop. It’s a great place for an overview of the biblical history of Jordan.

Mt. Nebo: A guide to the local geography – courtesy of Adam Groffman

There’s a small museum and gift shop on site which sells typical holy relics and souvenirs, as well as some informative signposts and books about the religious history of Jordan. Moses is believed to have been buried on Mount Nebo and the summit is home to an ancient church that was built in commemoration of his burial. But Moses’ final resting place is actually still unknown.

Standing on Mount Nebo you get a much better picture of the Middle Eastern region. Plus, it’s a nice way to see the incredible landscape Jordan has to offer.

Adam Groffman is a well-known travel blogger who travelled with us to Jordan in December after winning last year’s XMAS Competition. Here he takes in the view from Mount Nebo and discovers a little more about the area’s history. Read more of Adam’s work at www.travelsofadam.com

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