Stunning photos from the Kingdom of Jordan

Take a look at our latest blog from the Kingdom of Jordan – stunning photos from some of the country’s most famous spots. Jordan is a land of great diversity and incredible history, with monuments from Roman and Nabatean times. But parts of Jordan are also inhabited today by the Bedouin – traditional people who live today much as they always have. For more on Jordan, click on the logo:

2 comments on “Stunning photos from the Kingdom of Jordan

  1. Thanks David – still a land I am yet to enter, though very keen to do so. This collection of beautiful and inspiring photos has added another level of expectation and created a deeper desire to head there soon. Its has helped educate me further on the charms of Jordan.

  2. I am constantly amazed at the beauty of the planet earth. I have so many places yet to experience and I now want Jordan to be one of them. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photographs.

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