Exploring the temple of Abu Simbel

Trevor from Flight Centre went with us recently on a tour to Egypt and was blown away by the temple of Abu Simbel. Read about his adventure here.

I’ve always thought that visiting Egypt without seeing Abu Simbel would be like visiting Paris without seeing the Louvre. Maybe it’s not the most popular and well known attraction, but it’s a must see! When the opportunity came up to add a trip to Abu Simbel onto my tour I jumped at the chance. I have wanted to see the famous statues and temples ever since I learned of their amazing story and legendary reputation. I was not disappointed!

To say that Abu Simbel is amazing is simply an understatement. When you walk over the final hill and first lay eyes on the famous landmarks you can’t help but catch your breath in wonder. Postcard and pictures certainly can do it no justice.

There is a certain magic surrounding the sights and history of Egypt and Abu Simbel tops them all. As I edged closer to the temple of King Ramses with camera in hand I couldn’t help but jump with excitement and start skipping with enthusiasm!! I was so keen to see inside that I forgot that our tour guide probably had a wonderful story to tell us! When he finally managed to get us all together he told us the remarkable history behind the temples, from its wondrous construction to the massive project to relocate them. Mountains and all!!!

The public are not allowed cameras inside the temples and for some reason I was glad for this. I’m normally so concerned with capturing the perfect photo I sometimes fail just to take it all in. I certainly soaked up the history and tried my very best to interpret the perfectly preserved hieroglyphics and stories on the stone walls. What a sight this must have been many thousands of years ago!! My entire group is now is wishing for the speedy invention of time machines so that we can experience Ancient Egypt one day.

The temple dedicated to his favourite wife and queen Nefertari is equally if not more impressive. What it lacks in grandeur it more than makes up for in detail. The six statues standing guard over the temple are amazing to behold. She must have been quite a lady in order for him to build this for her instead of his 50 other wives! All in all we had the perfect amount of time to explore, take a few photo’s (Hundreds) and then it was time to head back to Luxor and our hotel.

My trip to Abu Simbel was everything I hoped for and more. It was near the end of our tour and despite the many amazing things we had seen I think we certainly saved the best for last!!

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  1. All I can say that it’s a Dream world and to be there it’s like dream come true. Awesome

  2. Egypt is really a lovely place to visit. Statutes of Egypt are world famous. I love it.

  3. Wow it’s a great write up. I had a dream for a trip in a famous place. After reading this I am very much excited to make my dream come true. Thanks for sharing the amazing experience!

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