5 Best Travel Apps of 2012

What would we do without our smart phones? Not only are they the lifeline to staying in touch with loved ones and friends – they offer applications for everything!

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Apps for travel are no exception, and if you’re looking to take a much-needed vacation or just need a weekend getaway… there is an app for that!

Many of these apps are developed for the major smart phones and not only help with your vacation plans – they assist business travellers tremendously. Might as well download your favorites and try them on your next trip.

Here is Kristy’s pick of the five best travel applications for 2012:

1. TripIt

This little app is available for almost all smart phones, and acts as if you have your own personal travel assistant. It keeps track of flight times, confirmation numbers – it syncs with your calendar and can also help you find alternative flight arrangements should a flight be cancelled. It keeps your itinerary all in one place from hotels, car rentals and flights.

2. Boingo Wi-Finder

This app won the best 2012 Travel App in the iPod/iPhone Readers’ Choice Awards. If you’ve ever been in search of a stable Wi-Fi connection in a new city and not having much luck it can be highly frustrating. This little app is your answer… Boingo can find the best (and free) Wi-Fi connections in your immediate area.

3. Oanda Currency Converter

This can be a huge money saver because you will know what currency exchange rates are, for more than 190 different currencies. It will compare dollars to different currencies and let you know what your exchange rate will be on your credit cards and ATM withdrawals. It also saves the currencies you use most.

4. iExit

For major smart phones, iPhone and Android, this little app can help keep you from getting lost in a major city or on the highway. Not only that, it can help you figure out what to eat, where to stay or where the cheapest gas station is located. It syncs with your GPS system and offers you everything from drug stores to hotels and from supermarkets to repair/maintenance providers, all within minutes of your location.

5. HearPlanet Lite

This is one of the best little apps for those who travel a lot and enjoy sightseeing. Leave your guidebooks at home because this app can be plugged into the city you’re visiting and give you the exciting details and history on the place, in audio. It also alerts you to the local attractions that you possibly didn’t even know were there, so you don’t miss a thing!

There are so many of travel apps out there, so if you didn’t find any of the above useful, try a search for the one best suited to you. And best of all is that you can try most of these for free, and if they aren’t your cup of tea, delete and find another!

Kristy Ramirez is a mom and a frequent traveller who doesn’t leave home without her favorite gadgets. She is also a writer for HotelClub where she helps others find the best ways to travel. 

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  1. india very amazing, nice trip friends

  2. I have been traveling on my routine business trips for Dish with my new Android; everything I’m doing from scheduling flights to finding my way around is easier and smarter. iExit is a wonderful little app; I’ve been lost something fierce in new cities, and had no idea where to go. Smartphone apps have opened up a completely new way to deal with various travel situations. I love using Yelp; a personal after hour city guide at my beckon call. Dish Remote Access is a perfect relaxation app to forget stressful airport situations with a movie on my iPad. I look foreword to more apps offering variety like HearPlanet Lite; I can have my adventures during off hours while learning some history in the process.

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