The Mongol Rally 2012

On The Go Tours is proud to announce that we’ll be sponsoring Trekking in Tweed, a team in this year’s Mongol Rally. This is the ultimate race – just take a look at the video below!

The Mongol Rally, by The Adventurists on Vimeo

Don’t feel bad if you’re thinking ‘That looks completely bonkers.’ That means that you’re a normal, rational human being. After all, the aim of the whole thing is to drive a ‘highly unsuitable’ vehicle from London to the capital of Mongolia, Ulaan Bataar – a distance of over 10 000 miles depending on the route taken. And when we say ‘highly unsuitable’ vehicle, we mean a vehicle with an engine capacity of less than 1.2 litres. (So that means something like a Nissan Micra.) The video gives you a good idea of the terrain, so it’s not going to be a smooth ride by any means. But it most certainly will be exciting!

Importantly, it’s all for a great cause. Trekking in Tweed is a team of four young antipodeans, with ‘an unhealthy fascination with tweed, tea and adventure’, and they’ll be raising money for Legacy, a charity providing services to the families of Australia’s armed forces. And they’re aiming high, going for a grand total of AUD$20 000!

We wish them the best of luck in their fundraising and on the trip itself, and we’ll be posting updates on the team’s progress as they go. With just 2 days to go until they set off, you can be sure that preparations are now drawing to a close as Trekking in Tweed prepares for the road trip of a lifetime.

Good luck Trekking in Tweed!

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  1. Say hi to the Men who Stare at Camels team, 3 Aussies who are also mad.

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