A Throw to the Ground

The annual Naadam Festival is a celebration of traditional Mongolian culture taking place in July. Over three days, the ‘Three Manly Games’ are performed by participants for the enjoyment of locals and fascinated foreigners alike. Watch ‘A Throw to the Ground’ and get a feel for this amazing festival!


A Throw To The Ground from Mark Morgan on Vimeo.

The three manly games include wrestling, horse-racing and archery, though there are other contests involved such as ‘ankle bones’ as seen in the video above. But it’s the three main games that are seen as most important to a Mongolian Warrior. Although wrestling remains a male-dominated affair, the ladies are now included in the horse-racing and archery to a certain extent.

See the Naadam Festival on the Trans-Siberian railway journey between Moscow and Beijing. All aboard for the Naadam Festival!

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