Happy Hearts in Egypt

Egypt is an enduring favourite of mine, and when you see this video it’s easy to understand why! 


From the wonder of the pyramids and the country’s numerous ancient temples and artefacts to sailing down the Nile in a felucca and visiting the famous Valley of the Kings – Egypt really does have it all. And the weather is amazing too!

My own trip to Egypt took the same route on the King Tutankhamen tour, and I’ll certainly not forget what it was like to stand alongside the pyramids, stroll leisurely through the temples of Kom Ombo, Edfu, Luxor and Karnak, or see the Valley of the Kings from a hot air balloon on a still morning as the sun rose over the desert.

Many thanks to My Life Untethered‘s Alicia Taggio (@Taggio) for such a great video!

Have you been to Egypt? Share your thoughts and comments with us below…

3 comments on “Happy Hearts in Egypt

  1. Thanks for the feature! I had an absolutely incredible time on the King Tutankhamen tour and highly recommend a visit to Egypt ASAP! It was a beautiful country and not once did I ever feel unsafe. Our tour guide Haytham was so full of positive energy, knowledge and passion for his country. Will definitely be travelling with On the Go again!

  2. Travelled at the end of October on the King Tutenkhamen Tour. From the time we got off the flight we received 101% amazing service from On the Go, we were met by a OTG representitive who helped us clear customs and collect our luggage.
    The culture, the people, the food, the service and amazing history of such a beautfiul country makes you want to continue going back for more.
    Haytham our tour guide has so much passion for his country and was always excited about every place we went to visit you would swear it was his first time going too, such knowledge and pure determination to make every persons experience a memorable one.
    There truly is no other way to travel to EGYPT than to go with ON THE GO.

    Thank you for the memories that will stay with me forever.
    Sam Billings

    • What a superb comment to have read – thank you Sam! We look forward to welcoming you again on another of our tours. And if you have photos you’d like to share with our community, please feel free to get in touch. Thanks again!

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