Pulse of the city – Zagreb

The world is running short of a lot of things – food, fresh water, renewable energy, polar ice and apparently even bacon. One thing the world is not short of is the now ubiquitous time lapse video, which you might argue makes it that much harder to make an impression with the technique. However, when your subject matter performs as well as the beautiful city of Zagreb, you could definitely be forgiven for adding another one to the pile. So it is that we award the following video the hallowed title of Video of the Week, because despite the whole time-lapse thing, it’s just so darn pretty!


Pulse of the city – ZAGREB from Marko Vrdoljak on Vimeo.

If you get to the end of that and don’t want to go to Zagreb, there’s something wrong. Have a bacon sandwich or something. Visit this incredible city with our brand new private tour of Croatia, entitled Best of Croatia and Slovenia.

Doviđenja! (That’s cheerio in Croatian.)

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