Beautiful Burma through the lens

Burma – also known as Myanmar – has retained elements of culture and tradition in a way that many of its Asian neighbours haven’t done. With vibrant festivals and markets, exquisite temples, diverse landscapes and friendly local people, Burma retains the aura of a bygone era. Deep-rooted Buddhism is evident in Burma, with beautiful temples and ornate pagodas dotting the countryside, and especially in the local’s laid-back way of life. See more of this amazing country today with our Photo Showcase of beautiful Burma.

1. Sangha

Burma has a higher percentage of monks per population than any other Buddhist country. Sangha is a Sanskrit word that means community and is used in Buddhism to refer to Monks.

2. Mahagandayon Monastery

A Burmese monk at the Mahagandayon Monastery in Amarapura

3. Shewezigon Pagoda

7. A novice monk at the Shewezigon Pagoda. The Burmese New Year is traditionally a time when many young Burmese boys enter monasteries as novice monks.

4. A young monk...

balancing on the Kuthodaw Pagoda Mandalay Sangha.

5. Bay of Bengal

9. Using traditional fishing nets on the Bay of Bengal near Nagapali

6. A local lady from Shwe Hlaing village

A local lady from Shwe Hlaing village. The village produces palm toddy, a alcoholic drink from the sap of palm trees.

7. Inle Lake

A traditional fisherman on Inle Lake balancing while rowing and lifting, what looks like a shell fish basket.

8. A local lady

A local lady on her way to a water market

9. The Bodhi Tataung

The Bodhi Tataung, in Monya is huge new complex that is home to a Buddha statue over 4000 feet high.

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