So Viet

We love travel videos at The Inside Track, and we particularly love videos like this one. Take a look at this window to Vietnam – we defy you not to feel like packing your bags immediately!

So Viet from Aquil’tour on Vimeo.

Why do we like this video so much? Well for one thing, it’s NOT a time-lapse video – as visually striking as time-lapse can be (and we’ve certainly made a few of them our ‘Video of the Week’) it’s refreshing to see something from the traveller’s point of view. No trick photography, no fancy effects, just a jubilant look at what must have been a hugely enjoyable tour of Vietnam.

Filmed at the very end of last year – and including a New Year countdown at the close – this is a video that leaves me wondering: ‘What new adventures does 2013 hold? And where am I going to be travelling this year?’ I can’t help but hope that Vietnam features somewhere in the year to come!

Do you have videos from travels of yours that you’d like to share with us? Leave a link in the comments below, and we could make your video our Video of the Week too!

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