Hidden Gems: Visiting Kashmir

(Last Updated On: March 27, 2019)

Srinagar lies in the beautiful Kashmir Valley, a heavily disputed region of Jammu and Kashmir. Srinagar acts as the summer capital of the region, whilst the city of Jammu, farther south on the plains is the winter capital. Situated on the beautiful Dal Lake and the Jhelum River, the city of Srinigar has a distinctively central Asian character, and is now open once again to travellers…

Dal Lake. Image by Flickr user Shahbasharat
Dal Lake. Image by Flickr user Shahbasharat

Traditionally, the region was used by the Mughal rulers of India as a mountainous retreat from the summertime heat of the plains. But it wasn’t only the Mughal rulers who were fond of the region – the British of the Raj period were just as fond of the cool, elevated, verdant green heights of Kashmir.

Mughal Gardens, Srinagar
Mughal Gardens, Srinagar

Prohibited from owning any land in the region during the Raj era, the English settled in houseboats; styled in a traditional English fashion. Dal Lake is now synonymous with these houseboats, which are still used to accommodate visitors.

Lying to the east of Srinigar, Dal Lake actually comprises a series of lakes, including Nagin Lake. There are also the famous Mughal gardens to explore on the far eastern side of Dal Lake.

Wander the old city of Srinigar, which features a tangle of streets and alleyways, mosques and houses. Head further up the banks of the Jhelum River to see the more modern part of the city.

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