Off the beaten track in Jordan

It very often happens in this job. Customer jealousy, that is. We’ve set up an amazing adventure in the desert or the jungle – and now you lot are going! Meanwhile, we sit chained to our desks, dreaming of the weekend and hoping that you’ll send us a Petra, Jordanphotograph.

Matthew Teller’s 9-day guided tour of Jordan is a case in point. If there was any excuse, we’d go with him ourselves. But there isn’t. This is a very special trip and – sigh – we have to let someone else have it.

Taking in Biblical, crusading and Roman archaeology, Red Sea diving, Bedouin hospitality under the desert stars, some luxurious accommodation, fabulous food and shopping and a host of secrets known only to the locals, this is an exceptional guided tour led by the author of the Rough Guide to Jordan. The trip is a world first – there has never been a Rough Guide tour open to the public before.

At On The Go we pride ourselves in using great local guides, and knowing a few gems away from the regular tourist trail – but this 9-day excursion is a step beyond the usual offbeat experience. Even the famed sights of Petra will be visited in reverse, using a backstreet route that takes in the Monastery hours before other tourists arrive. At every stage of the tour, Matthew and the group will be joined by old friends to impart stories and knowledge.

To say we want this tour fDead Seaor ourselves is putting it mildly. It promises 9 days of unforgettable adventure and sightseeing, finishing toes up and floating in the healing waters of the Dead Sea.

We. Are. So. Jealous.

There are still a few places left on the tour which runs from 15 June. If you’ve ever wanted to see Jordan, Galilee or the Dead Sea… this is the way to do it.

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