The Harbin Ice Festival

If you’re planning a trip over the festive season, it might be an idea to check out the festivals and events that take place across the world. Not everyone has a Santa Claus! (Shh… don’t tell the kids!)

One of the most visually rewarding festivals has to be the Harbin Ice Festival in China. Making the most of the bitterly cold conditions, ice sculptors go all out with immense works of art that tower over proceedings. Previous years have seen icy versions of The Great Wall of China, big dipper slippery slides and the Emperor’s Summer Palace with forts and towers to climb along. With the Ice World Theme Park and thousands of coloured lights all over the town, it really is a festive atmosphere.

Our featured video of the week is filmed by Tom Suharto. You can visit Tom’s incredible photography website here.

For more information on Harbin Ice Festival and the tours that we offer to the region, take a look at our Chinese New Year Tour.


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