Beijing by night – Recommended things to do (5 minute read)

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2021)

Come nightfall the streets of Beijing undergo a transformation, the hubbub of the day settles down and monuments are illuminated against the night sky. Here’s why Beijing by night is a unique experience not to be missed…

Birds Nest Olympic Park Beijing
The Birds Nest Stadium in Beijing’s Olympic Park lit up at night

Walk around Olympic Park

On the night of the 8th August 2008, the world was introduced to one of the finest Olympic Stadium’s in the world – the Birds Nest Stadium in Beijing’s Olympic Park. Although not that impressive during the day, by night it takes on a whole new being and glows proudly red. It’s as stunning today as it was 5 years ago.

Opposite sits the equally as impressive Water Cube. In my opinion, no other Aquatic Centre has come close to matching this beautiful sky blue structure. Even if nothing’s happening in either venue, the Park is abuzz with families and young couples who enjoy walking here. They’ve come to admire the city’s impressive Olympic legacy and take a few drinks and snacks from the local stands.

 Tiananmen Square in BeijingVisit Tiananmen Square

Everyone who comes to Beijing will at some point visit the historic centre of the city, Tiananmen Square. They’ll also probably enter the Forbidden City. By day the square is very busy as thousands of tourists come to pay their respects to Chairman Mao at his mausoleum, take photos in front of Tiananmen Gate and wander around the fascinating Forbidden City.

By night it’s a different story, access to the actual square is closed, however you can still walk around the outskirts. You can also head through the subway to the front of Tiananmen Gate. At night it’s lit up in beautiful red and the fountains outside flow in calming blue. This is the perfect time to appreciate this truly iconic Chinese facade, without the craziness it attracts during the day.

Beijing Street FoodEat at the Dong Hua Men night market

Street food in Asia is interesting to say the least. If it runs, swims or crawls you can pretty much guarantee someone will attempt to cook it and serve it on a stick! Beijing is no exception. Thankfully the Chinese are not ones to cook and serve up our western domestic friends the cat and the dog. They will however happily get a star fish, crab, scorpion, sea horse, silk worm or cockroach and fry it for you to munch on!

It’s not for everyone’s taste, but the Dong Hua Men night market is still a great place to walk and see what interesting delicacies the locals (and some of the braver tourists) will try! Be careful not to stop too long at the stalls if you are not wishing to buy though. You may find some of these delectable critters come flying at you from over-zelous vendors!

Team Kevan in Beijing

Explore the traditional Hutongs area

No trip to Beijing would be complete without a journey around the famous traditional Hutongs area. Although the actual houses don’t look too impressive in the dark, the area around the nearby Hou Hai lake is a delight to walk around. Coming alive with noisy karaoke bars, busy restaurants, hawker stands, and locals enjoying a night out.

The Lake has a number of pedalo boats that are available for hire.  If you just want to relax why not jump in a rickshaw for a romantic nighttime ride. You could also grab a beer and sit by the water watching the world go by. Be sure to look up in the sky when out – you’ll see the tiny colourful glow of electric kites!

Want to explore Beijing by night? Head to China on a group tour or tailor-made holiday and experience Beijing for yourself.

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