Journey to Japan, Land of the Rising Sun

(Last Updated On: April 5, 2019)

From modern skyscrapers and colourful neon lights, to charming teahouses and time-worn temples, Japan is a delightful confluence of old and new, with spectacular scenery to boot. For those of you keen to discover all that this fascinating country has to offer, fret not, we’ve just launched tours to Japan!

Beyond the city lights discover the spectacular scenery of Japan, including iconic Mount Fuji
Beyond the city lights discover the spectacular scenery of Japan, including the spectacular sight of iconic Mount Fuji

In Tokyo, discover soaring skyscrapers, concrete underpasses, busy overpasses and the throngs of people that make up this capital city hurtling headlong into the future, as the birthplace of the latest trends, hippest fashions and must-have gadgets. And in Osaka, the country’s second city, uncover unrivalled nightlife backed by trendy restaurants and cool bars tucked away amongst the city’s modern high rises. In the culturally rich city of Kyoto discover the heart and soul of traditional Japan, by visiting sacred temples nestled between shopping malls, age-old teahouses juxtaposed with modern businesses and by spotting mysterious geishes scuttling down narrow backstreets.

Geishas in Kyoto dreamstime_xl_1945323A high speed rail journey out of the city reveals to travellers another side of Japan, one that is often missed by those passing briefly through this fascinating country. Beyond the city lights spectacular scenery and otherworldly landscapes abound, be it the spectacular Japanese Alps, colourful coral reefs of Okinawa or the forested mountains of Kyoto. Likewise the bathhouses of the quintessential hot spring town of Kinosaki Onsen, incredible mountain vistas of Hakone National Park and the laid-back isle of Miyajima offer travellers something completely different than the neon lights of the city.

With a bounty of regional specialties, world-class restaurants and tasty street stalls, food lovers will discover culinary paradise in Japan’s extraordinary cuisine. Whether you want to sample sushi – the country’s most famous dish, opt for a tasty bowl of udon soup paired with deep fried tempura or try raw horse – a local delicacy in Matsumoto, washed down with a healthy serving of sake, the choices are endless.

Asakusa Temple after sunset ,Japan. dreamstime_xl_28044039Join us in Japan on one of our four private tours, or allow us to create a tailor-made itinerary just for you. Given its excellent transport system, getting around couldn’t be easier making it possible to combine a wealth of cultural sights and experiences. Whatever your interest – whether you’d like to shop until you drop in Tokyo, experience the nightlife in Osaka, meet geishas in Kyoto or soak in a hot spring in Kinosaki Onsen, the choice is yours!

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