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Last week we asked you to help us settle a debate on Facebook. The question was, if you had to pick one – the Pyramids of Giza or Rose City of Petra, which would you choose? Well lucky for you, there’s no need to decide, as on our 16 day Road to Jordan tour you can take in the best of both ancient Egypt and the fascinating Hashemite Kingdom! This week one of our own, Ann Amies, has put together a photo showcase highlighting exactly what you can see on our Road to Jordan tour, from the legendary Pyramids, vast Valley of the Kings and beachside bliss in Egypt to the rest desert of Wadi Rum, the stunning Red Rose City of Petra and the incredibly buoyant Dead Sea in Jordan.

Passport at the ready?

1. The Pyramids of Giza

As the sole survivors of the ancient Greek-listed Seven Wonders of the World, the iconic pyramids at Giza are the planet’s oldest tourist attraction and certainly a sight to behold. Built on the banks of the Nile the pyramids contain a maze of passage ways, designed to protect the pharaohs and the treasures they took with them to the afterlife.

2. Cruise the Nile

Flowing through the heart of Egypt, the Nile River is the longest in the world. Hopping on board a traditional felucca boat, we plied our way along this famous waterway, stopping off at villages and sites of interest along the way. In the evening, nothing lay between us and the stunning star-filled sky. Definitely nights to remember!

3. Valley of the Kings (and Queens!)

The famed Valley of the Kings, a vast necropolis where magnificent royal tombs mark the burial ground of the pharaohs is a must visit. Nearby, the Valley of the Queens is said to hold more than 70 tombs, many of which are lavishly decorated. Here we are seen standing outside the incredible Temple of Queen Hatshepsut.

4. Luxor by night

The mighty Temple of Luxor is one of the only temples in Egypt viewable by night, which was a local option I was keen to take advantage of. Once dusk fell we made our way back to the temple where we saw the vast hieroglyphic columns, sphinx figures and pharaoh statues all illuminated by numerous spot lights - an awe-inspiring sight against the backdrop of the night sky.

5. The Egyptian Museum

Home to an extensive collection of some 120,000 ancient Egyptian artefacts, the Egyptian Museum only has a small amount of its collection on display, with the remainder in storerooms. Here we saw the famed funeral mask of King Tutankhamen, while those with a stronger stomach could opt to visit the eerie Royal Mummy Room, where nine royal mummies can be seen on display.

6. Sun, sand & sea in Hurghada

With superb diving and gorgeous sand beaches, the small fishing village of Hurghada has become one of the most popular destinations on the Red Sea coast, attracting throngs of sun seekers every year. Before bidding Egypt farewell, it was time to enjoy some rest and relaxation on its sunny shores before our next adventure in Jordan...

7. Into Jordan and Wadi Rum

Journeying into Jordan our first stop was in Wadi Rum. A vast, silent landscape of ancient riverbeds, stretches of pastel-coloured sandy desert and amazing rock formations, this incredible desert is the result of millions of years of erosion and evolution. Watching the sun set as we tucked into a hearty meal from our desert camp is certainly a memory to keep.

8. The Rose City of Petra

Leaving the vast red desert behind us we made our way to the fabled city of Petra that was all but lost to the modern world until its rediscovery in 1812. Simply entering the city was an experience in itself, walking by foot through the towering cliff walls of the Siq the city announced itself with the facade of the famous treasury.

9. Bathing in the Dead Sea

Next stop was the lowest point on earth, at the dramatically beautiful Dead Sea. Here there was the chance to bathe in the warm buoyant waters of this famous sea, known for its rich-mineral content and therapeutic properties. Apparently the mud is good for you too, and everyone was quick to slap it on.

10. Biblical Mt Nebo

After we were suitably pampered at the Dead Sea, we journeyed to one of the most revered holy sites in Jordan – Mount Nebo, where Moses is said to have first viewed the Promised Land. The panoramic views here were indeed striking, and we also got to see some restored Byzantine mosaics, before heading to Amman – our final stop.

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