Uncover North Korea

There’s something about North Korea – Asia’s rogue state, that has the inquisitive traveller thoroughly intrigued and keen to discover its hidden attractions of communist-style statues, historic monuments, ancient temples, halls of treasures and stunning mountain scenery. 

Discover Pyongyang in North Korea
Discover North Korea’s Soviet-style capital city of Pyongyang

With just a couple thousand visitors admitted each year, the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea is a nation shrouded in mystery. Through self-imposed isolation from the rest of the world and incredibly controversial legislation, North Korea remains virtually untouched by tourism and offers the intrepid traveller a truly unique cultural experience.

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Pyongyang, the showcase capital of North Korea, is home to an assortment of historic monuments and impressive structures, including the Arch of Triumph and Juche Tower, a testament to the country’s self-reliant philosophy. Here travellers can have a history lesson at the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum for a look at the key battles of the Korean War and see the city’s modern face with a trip on the Metro. The capital is also well-known for the Pyongyang Schoolchildren’s Palace, a centre of extra-curricular activities for gifted children where they can be seen demonstrating their talents.

Outside of the capital there is plenty more to keep visitors entertained. Perhaps most notable is the very scenic Mt. Myohyang boasting vistas of verdant forests and gentle streams. Nearby are the cavernous halls of the International Friendship Exhibition, brimming with gifts given to North Korea’s leaders, as well as the working Pohyon Buddhist Temple.

The Demilitarised Zone is also well worth a visit, marking the place where North and South Korea continue their decades old face-off and is an intriguing look at North Korea’s checkered political past. At Kaesong – the former capital of the Koryo Dynasty between 918-1392 AD, travellers can enjoy the immaculate grounds of the Koryo Museum, once an old Confucian university and now displaying tended grounds and traditional architecture.

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