Making the most of The Trans-Siberian

Crossing a third of the globe, the Trans-Siberian Railway passes through the natural wonders of the Ural Mountains, the Gobi Desert and Mongolia’s grassy steppe. One of the greatest journeys in the world – you’re going to want to make the most of all the activities along the way.

You can seek out new experiences and opportunities at each port of call, whether its camping out in a traditional Ger tent in Mongolia, trying out dog sledding in Yekaterinburg, trekking around Lake Baikal or exploring one of the many fascinating cities en route, there is something for everyone!

Ger Camp - Trans-Siberian activities

For nature lovers: Camp out in a Ger tent

If you are travelling on the Trans-Siberian during the summer, staying in a traditional ger tent is a great way to experience nomadic living while also enjoying the spectacular surrounds of the Mongolian countryside. Also known as a yurt, these collapsible structures have been used for centuries by the Mongolian people as they are ideally suited for their nomadic lifestyle. Spend two nights in the beautiful Terelji National Park staying in a traditional ger, and by day explore pine covered cliffs and grassy steeps, go horseback riding and meet a local family.

Dog Sledding - Trans-Siberian activities

For winter sport enthusiasts: Go dog sledding

Set on the doorstep of the Ural Mountains, the Russian city of Yekaterinburg is the perfect place to stop on the Trans-Siberian railway to experience winter at its finest by exploring spectacular frozen landscapes from behind the reigns of a dog sled. Accompanied by a skilled driver, wrapped up in warm sheepskin coats and overalls, travellers can take an exhilarating Khaski dog sled ride through the white countryside.  They can even try their hand behind the reigns, with the help of the driver slash instructor, by learning how to control and steer the dogs as they race through the snow.

Lake Baikal - Trans-Siberian activities

For trekking aficionados: Hike around Lake Baikal

Located 60 kilometres south-east from Irkutsk, lake-side Listvyanka is a popular destination for travellers hoping to discover the crystal clear waters and dramatic mountain steepes of Lake Baikal, one of the most scenic places in all of Russia. Throughout the year there is a whole host of activities on offer. Summer months offer energetic travellers the chance to spend a day or two trekking through the forest-covered mountains surrounding the lake, and to diving into its deep blue waters to explore its many underwater caves.

Ulan Ude - Trans-Siberian activities

For culture vultures: Discover a city

The Trans-Siberian railway passes through numerous cities and towns on its course, whether historic Yekaterinburg in Russia, the unique Buddhist city of Ulan Ude in Mongolia or the Far East Russian port of Vladivostok. If time allows why not discover all that these cities have to offer on an optional excursion.

Discover all this and more on the Trans-Siberian!

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