A Passage to Petra

Last week we featured a wonderful short film put together by freelance videographer Andrew Kirkby when he travelled to Egypt with us. But he did not stop there! Andrew continued his adventure by heading to The Hashmite Kingdom of Jordan on our short and sweet 6 day Passage to Petra tour. Whether it’s going off road in the vast red landscape of Wadi Rum and dancing out around a crackling bonfire to rhythmic tunes; wandering down the towering curved passageway of the Siq and iconic Monastery of Petra by day, and marvelling at the brilliant starry sky above the facade of the Treasury by night; floating effortlessly in the buoyant Dead Sea, lined with glistening salt crystals, and slathering on a good layer of therapeutic mud; taking in incredible views of the Promised Land from sacred Mt Nebo; or exploring Crusader castles, this is genuine adventure done in style!

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