Best places to visit in March


The sixth part in a twelve part series on the best places to visit when. March is all about  tropical beaches and playful orangutan in Borneo, picturesque lakes and smoking volcanoes in Guatemala, Holi festivities and splashes of colour in India, and trekking amoungst lush mountain scenery in Morocco. 

Unwind on Kota Kinabalu beach in Borneo this March
Unwind on Kota Kinabalu beach in Borneo this March


Sitting just south of the equator, the tropical paradise of Borneo is brimming with ancient rainforests, wonderful wildlife, spectacular UNESCO-listed caves and the highest peak in Malaysia. March marks the end of the west season in Borneo, when the rains become less frequent, making it an excellent time to explore this wonderful peninsula before the crowds return. It is always best to be prepared for rain, but it shouldn’t scare you off as it actually provides a refreshing cooling affect and never lasts for long. Whether you decide to explore Sarawak in the south or Sabah in the North, or meet the friendly primates at the Orangutan Rehabilitation Centres March is the time to go!


Generally speaking, there is no bad time to visit Guatemala – and March is no exception. Pleasantly cool nights and mornings are typical of this time of year, followed by clear and sunny days with temperatures reaching a warming 27 C. This Central American gem remains refreshingly off the well-trodden tourist trail despite its many wonderful attractions. Explore picturesque highland lakes and lush jungle, smoking volcanoes and lovely colonial towns with colourful street markets, ornate churches, parks and plazas and wonderful cafes, bars and restaurants.


Every March the streets of India explode into a kaleidoscope of colour as around the country locals and travellers alike celebrate Holi, the Festival of Colour, by throwing brightly coloured powders into the air. This vibrant annual festival has been celebrated for centuries and marks the end of winter and arrival of spring with a dazzling display of colour and good cheer. So if you want to combine the highlights of the famous Golden Triangle – in Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan, with one of India’s most exuberant and colourful festivals, you are best to travel in March!


With distinct regions of coast, mountain and desert, the climate of Morocco varies across the country and has something to offer all year-round. The beginning of spring is particularly beautiful in the Atlas Mountains, when the lands are blanketed in lush greens, making a spectacular setting for mountain hiking. The cities boast a warm climate without the sweltering heat of summer, making it the perfect time to delve into the bustling souks of Marrakech, chill out in laid back Essaouira, camel trek through the Sahara, discover imperial Fes and much more.

Stay tuned next month for the best places to visit in April. 

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