Croatia by Sea

(Last Updated On: May 5, 2023)

In just a few months temperatures in Croatia will start warming up as it prepares for the hot summer ahead, when crowds will arrive in their throngs to bask in the golden sunshine on its sandy beaches, explore its charming coastal towns and venture further inland to its natural wonders. You’re tempted to go, but may be asking yourself, should I travel by land or sea?

Enjoy the sun-kissed beaches on the Croatia coast on a sailing holiday
Enjoy the sun-kissed beaches on the Croatia coast on a sailing holiday

Travelling by sea on a sailing holiday

Where will you sleep?

Whatever your travel style you are bound to find a cabin just for you – whether its saving pennies and livening it up on a simple costsaver boat, with twin bunk cabins and basic facilities; opting for a more comfortable and quiet stay on a classic boat; or going all out on a premium or luxurious deluxe boat with all the trimmings. Choose between a below deck cabin with small portholes, or upgrade to a top deck or on deck cabin and wake up to fresh air, sunlight and beautiful sea views.

What will you eat?

Start your day overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean Sea with a continental breakfast, and then for lunch your onboard cook will prepare a feast of soup or pasta, a main course of chicken or fish – in true Mediterranean flavour, a side salad and a tempting dessert. Your evening meal is free for you to try out one of the many restaurants and bars each port of call has to offer – we recommend finding a place that serves up fresh seafood, it’s simply divine!

How will you spend your days?

On our sailing trips, life onboard is a relatively casual affair. Each day features a mix of sailing, swim breaks and plenty of free time to relax on deck and bask in the sunshine. Arriving into a different port each afternoon or evening, the boat docks for the night and you’ll be able to go off and independently sightsee, shop, dine or party.

Stay tuned next week to find out about exploring Croatia by land. In the meantime, check out our offering of Croatia sailing holidays.