Best places to visit in April


The seventh part in a twelve part series on the best places to visit when. April is all about the weird and wonderful wildlife of Madagascar, cherry blossom season in Japan, volcanic landscapes of the Galapagos islands and the outdoor pleasures of Nepal. 

Relax by the beach this April in Magagascar
Relax by the beach this April in Madagascar


Enveloped by the clear waters of the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is famed for its beautiful untouched beaches, spectacular dive sites and bizarre but wonderful wildlife. The diverse landscape of this wonderful isle can range from lush wet rainforest and arid deserts, to lunar limestone formations and uninhabited offshore islands. April marks the end of the rainy season in Madagascar, meaning its tropical rainforests will be lush and green, and its climate warm and dry. Whether it be whale watching, world class diving, island hopping on a dhow, trekking through wildlife rich rainforest or simply lazing on a deserted beach, April is the time to go.


When you picture Japan chances are you envision ancient temples framed by the pink hue of cherry blossom trees. Springtime is possibly one of the best times to visit Japan, when these famed flowers come out in full bloom across the nation. The Cherry Blossom season is awaited with keen anticipation in Japan, and it’s no wonder why, as these delicate blossoms add an air of simple serenity and beauty wherever they crop up. Spring also offers warm days and cool nights, making it a wonderful time to take in the highlights of Japan – plus don’t forget to see the annual spring dance of the Geishas, performed in halls around the country.


Located some 1000 kilometres off the coast of Ecuador, this famed archipelago tempts throngs of travellers so its shores every year and is best explored on a cruise boat, hopping from island to island discovering what makes it so special. April marks the end of the rainy season when the Galapagos Islands are at their most verdant. Encounter sea lion colonies basking on pristine beaches, get up close and personal with giant tortoises,  marvel at comical blue-footed boobies and much more on a once in a lifetime cruise around these remote and beautiful volcanic islands that once inspired and captivated Darwin himself in April.


Landlocked between the soaring snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas and the marshy grasslands along the border with India, Nepal is a country of immense natural beauty and a bounty of outdoor pleasures. With unrivalled mountain trekking through breathtaking scenery, ancient Buddhist monasteries and teeming national parks there is plenty to do and see. April is a wonderful time to head to Nepal, when the climate has started to warm up making for ideal conditions to take advantage of Nepal’s many outdoor pursuits.

Stay tuned next month for the best places to visit in May. 

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