Best places to visit in May


The eighth part in a twelve part series on the best places to visit when. May is all about biblical monuments and cosmopolitan cities in Israel, ancient ruins and colonial architecture in Peru, hand-rolled cigars and vintage cars in Cuba, and unique wildlife and natural wonders in Botswana. 

Relax on the beach or live the highlife in cosmopolitan Tel Aviv in May
Relax on the beach or live the highlife in cosmopolitan Tel Aviv in May


Fascinating as well as beautiful, Israel is rich in culture, steeped in history and home to some of the most important religious sites in the world. Experiencing a pleasant Mediterranean climate, May is when things really start to heat up in the Holy Land. Pleasantly warm temperatures are coupled with cool evenings and minimal rainfall making May a great time to explore biblical monuments in Jerusalem, marvel at ancient ruins in Galilee, float in the buoyant Dead Sea or live the high life in cosmopolitan Tel Aviv.


As the heart of the ancient Inca Empire, Peru is brimming with archaeological treasures from the enigmatic Machu Picchu to the lesser-known sites of the north where beautiful beaches abound. Brimming with world-class museums, exquisite colonial buildings and ancient ruins the cities of Lima and Cuzco are sure to intrigue even well-seasoned travellers. Marking the end of the wet season, Peru in May is simply spectacular. Sunny skies, warm days and cool evenings make for the ideal conditions to explore the Amazon Jungle, trek along the Inca Trail or stroll through grand plazas in Peru’s lively cities.


There is so much more to Cuba than hand-rolled cigars, revolutionary slogans and vintage cars – and what better time to explore this intriguing country than at the end of the dry season as the crowds start to disperse but warm days and cool evenings still abound. May is a wonderful time to uncover the charm, culture and contrast of heady Havana, to stroll through tobacco fields and coffee plantations, to meet friendly locals, learn about this Caribbean isle’s revolutionary history and sip on Guayabita liquor under the shade of a swaying palm-tree.


Brimming with spectacular landscapes, an abundance of wildlife and a bounty of natural wonders, Botswana is the perfect location for an authentic safari experience. May is an especially wonderful time to visit Botswana as many animals begin to migrate towards the waterways of the Okavango Delta giving travellers an abundance of opportunities for wildlife-spotting. To add to this, sunny days and pleasant temperatures make game drives and walking safaris even more enjoyable. Explore the red savannahs of the Kalahari, age-old culture of the Bushmen and national parks in Botswana this May.

 Stay tuned next month for the best places to visit in June. 

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