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(Last Updated On: July 29, 2016)


Last month our own Sunet van der Merwe explored the sights of India’s Golden Triangle on our 8 day Taj Express tour. As Sunet’s second visit to this fascinating country, she tells us about how her first impressions compare to what now stands out the most whenever she recollects her time in India. 

Sunet explored the sights of Indian's Golden Triangle, and the rural village of Alsisar
Sunet took in the sights of India’s Golden Triangle, and the small rural village of Alsisar

I’ve had the opportunity to visit India twice in my travels and both times my impression upon arrival was the same – crazy, chaotic and impoverished. But I can tell you, when I look back on both trips the bad does not even feature. I only remember the smiles, the beauty and the contentment; then of course there are the beautiful sites, the history, mosques and bustling markets.

Local women in AlsisarSeeing how the people here live their lives, make the most of what they have and never take anything for granted really makes you contemplate your own life. We complain about the smallest things and after visiting India you cannot help but feel uplifted, enriched and touched. I took a good look at my life and put everything into perspective.

Aside from the people, another thing that makes India so beautiful is its bounty of history, culture and sites. The Taj Mahal is mind-blowing with the amazing love story behind it and the intricate details of its carvings; the Amber Fort is absolutely stunning and a place where I could have easily whiled away the hours marvelling at the architecture and the views.

School in AlsisarMy favourite part of my second trip to India however, was definitely the day and night we spent in Alsisar, a tiny village about four hours away from Jaipur. Here we stayed at a heritage property called Indra Villas, a peaceful oasis and the perfect place to unwind between the chaotic cities. We were also fortunate enough to visit two schools, one private and one a government school. Seeing the faces of the students light up when we visited make the whole trip worthwhile.

With its culture and history, sights and smells, energy and heart-warming smiles, India has all the ingredients to an incredible destination, and I can easily say with no doubt in my mind, I will go back again!

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