Summer in Iceland (Video)

(Last Updated On: December 7, 2021)

There is no denying the beauty of Iceland during winter. The volcanic landscapes are blanketed in snow and ice. Majestic waterfalls freeze over and colossal icebergs float in lagoons. Plus of course, the dazzling Northern Lights make the most of the long hours of darkness to dance across the night sky. It is one of the most impressive natural spectacles seen anywhere in the world and standing in the cold to watch them should be on every intrepid traveller’s bucket list. But summer reveals a whole new look for Iceland. As the snow melts stunning green landscapes are revealed, waterfalls thunder, lakes reflect the clear blue sky and the hours of daylight lengthen meaning you can revel in its beauty that much longer. This week’s video pick is from Michael Zechner, and it showcases Iceland in summer – enjoy!

Thank you to Michael for this video. If this has got your sense of adventure peaking then you’ll be glad to hear about our Iceland Circle tour. It is probably our most in-depth journey to the country. It circumnavigates the entire island and takes in many lesser-visited places. Plus, it runs throughout summer, so you can enjoy many of the views shown in this video for yourself! Head to our website for more information about the trip!

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