Exploring the Adriatic

In June our own Ashley Flanagan flew half way across the world from his home in Australia to the pristine beaches and turquoise waters of the Adriatic for an island hopping adventure in Croatia. Hopping on board in Split and travelling onward to medieval Dubrovnik with stops at picturesque islands, national parks and historic towns along the way, Ashley experienced some of the best of what Croatia has to offer. He here shares with us some of his favourite moments on tour including an extra stop across the border in neighbouring Bosnia.

1. Walk along the coast

With the sun starting to set on one of Croatia’s beautiful Islands a walk along the promenade is one of the best ways to finish a leisurely day of swimming in the clear blue waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Exploring the Adriatic - walk along the coast

2. Enjoy the sunshine in Hvar

With 2178 hours of sunshine per year shinning over the dock and fortress in Hvar, it’s easy to see why the all of the A-list celebrities come to this party island to holiday.

3. Ducking into The Blue Hole

Ducking your head down low as you squeeze through a hole in the cliff and then raising you head once you have entered this cave you are shocked into silence as you peer around to what you see before you.

Exploring the Adriatic - blue hole

4. Exploring national parks

Though Croatia is known for its coastline, on the island of Mjelt you also get to walk through one of Croatia’s majestic national parks with this massive salt water land-locked lake.

Exploring the Adriatic - Mjlet island

5. Watch the sun set

Another beautiful sunset, another perfect time to walk along the promenade while trying to remember which boat you’ll need to make it back to later in the evening.

6. Walking the wall in Dubrovnik

Walking along the walls of Dubrovnik offers the perfect opportunity take grab some fantastic photos of Kings Landing from Game of Thrones, and the city’s iconic red and orange roofs.

Exploring the Adriatic - Dubrovnik walls

7. Over the border to Bosnia

Just across the border into Bosnia lies the town of Mostar and its famous bridge. A test of courage and a way to woo the ladies the young men from this town strip down to their speedos and jump the 22m into the Icy cold waters below.

Exploring the Adriatic - Bosnia

8. Visit pretty cathedrals

Being a heavily Catholic population Croatia is filled with beautifully designed cathedrals and fresco paintings depicting scenes from the Old Testament. This one is located in the north eastern town of Osijek.

9. Learn the history

With Croatia’s tumultuous and unfortunate history, buildings like this one can be found in any town where the worst of the fighting was during the Yugoslav wars in the early to mid-nineties. The marks in the walls aren’t due to bad upkeep, but bullets and grenade blasts.

Exploring the Adriatic - Croatia's history

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