Life in North Korea (Video)

(Last Updated On: December 7, 2021)

When you think of North Korea, what do you think of? Perhaps it’s the concrete buildings, marble monuments, and larger-than-life bronze statues of the infamous past rulers of Pyongyang. And you’ll conjure up images of military parades, ruthless dictators and political headaches for American presidents! While the capital city is certainly intriguing with its seemingly militant way of life, the rural parts of North Korea offer a different perspective. They are also much less visible to the eyes of the public. This is because North Kore largely shuts itself off from the world. Any visitor that is let into the country often sees a sanitised version of the country. You see only what officials want you to see. In this week’s video pick filmmaker William Long offers us a more extensive glimpse of life in this mysterious country – a country just a few get the chance to see. So sit back and learn a bit more about rural North Korea.

It certainly is a fascinating watch. And it makes you realise that North Korea really is unlike any other country in the world. But it also shows that many of the disparaging headlines in the media are way off the mark! If you choose to visit neighbouring South Korea on one of our trips, then you’ll have the opportunity to visit the demilitarized DMZ, and peek across the border for your own look into what life in North Korea is really like.

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