Why you should make a Bucket List

If you haven’t already heard, the definition of a Bucket List is a record of all the goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfil and experiences you want to enjoy before you die – or ‘kick the bucket’ to put it colloquially. There are many reasons why you should create a Bucket List, as clichéd as the term has become from overuse in cheesy advertising campaigns. It can help you make your aspirational ideas become reality, giving you both direction and enthusiasm to tick things off and have an incredible year full of adventure.

In the pursuit of happiness

Everyone wants to live a life full of meaningful memories – nobody recalls their commute to work with any nostalgia when the time comes. Research has shown people are happy when they have something to look forward to and anticipate, as well as enjoyment coming from revisiting and sharing memories of these experiences. This fulfilment makes for a happier mentality than the instant gratification of buying new clothes or the latest technology. Experiences enrich us, teach us and help broaden our minds. And having a Bucket List makes it all the easier to focus and make dreams become a reality. Also let’s not forget, if you are lucky enough to win millions on the lottery, you will have your plans for the next few months of exceptional travel ready.

Getting started…

Whether it is a simple straight forward record of 10 countries you want to visit in the next 10 years or a detailed journal of the incredible sights and traditional dishes you want to enjoy in each location – the best way is to just start and put pen to paper. The only thing you shouldn’t do is put limits on what you want to, and can, achieve – there are no rules or regulations on what to include. Dream big and imagine yourself watching the Northern Lights in Iceland without any of the worries of how you will afford a trip there – that comes later.

Swimming with turtles is often on people's Bucket Lists
Swimming with turtles is often on people’s Bucket Lists

Planning the next big thing

Once you have this ‘shopping list’ of experiences, let it encourage you to be more productive in achieving these ambitions, sparking enthusiasm to make the every day changes so the ambition of trekking the Inca Trail becomes the reality of photos of you exploring Machu Picchu. Share your list with friends and family and let them help motivate you to achieve these things, whether it is putting a halt on Friday night takeaways to help save money towards a flight to South Africa for a Big Five safari or investing in swimming lessons before heading to Belize to learn how to scuba dive. And modern technology is here to help with a host of useful apps enabling you to create your dream list and start working towards making it a reality. So what are you waiting for?

You’ll have fun every step of the way

From dreaming big to the excitement of researching your trip, to the anticipation of heading off on that special holiday, actually doing it and of course, talking (not bragging!) about it for years after, you’re going to have a lot of fun along the way. As we like to say … Dream it, Do it, Live it!

Dream it Do it Live it
One of our favourite travel quotes!

Do you have a Bucket List already or thinking of starting one? We’d love to hear what you have on the top of your list in the comments section below. And don’t forget, if you do win big on the lottery there is our unique Ultimate Bucket List tour – tick off all Seven Wonders of the World and the last remaining Ancient Wonder in just one trip! 

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