Instagrams of the month: Spotlight on Iceland

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2017)

Iceland is without a doubt one of the world’s most photogenic countries, from the bubbling geysers erupting from the ground to the cosmic colours of the Northern Lights spread across the night sky. Thanks to Instagram accounts dedicated to Iceland and travelling photographers documenting their visits to these breathtaking landscapes, it’s easy to scroll through the photo-sharing app and feel transported to the waterfalls, lagoons, geysers and black beaches of this enchanting country. We’ve picked our favourites from the wealth of accounts showcasing Iceland’s diverse offering.

A landscape photographer by trade, Iurie Belegurschi’s favourite subject is Iceland’s stunning nature. His photos capture the dramatic beauty of the country during both day and night, with either the rising sun adding a warm glow to the lakes or the Northern Lights dancing over the waterfalls. Living in Iceland since 2006, Iurie is passionate about both photography and Iceland, regularly leading photography tours through the country and sharing his work on his Instagram @iuriebelegurschi.


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Travelling all over the world, @chrisburkard has spent a lot of his time in Iceland. A self-taught photographer from California, his aerial images of Iceland’s rivers are truly mesmerising, the metallic grey and blue strands of water threading together to create a picture which looks more like a painting than a photo.



It’s hard to rival the knowledge and love someone has for the country they grow up in – Auður, the heart and mind behind @iheartreykjavik, uses her Instagram to showcase her passion for her home country. Follow this account and she will take you on a tour of Iceland, from the snow-covered landscapes of the south to the street art of Reykjavik with some restaurant recommendations thrown in.


Alongside the breathtaking nature, Iceland is known for its effortlessly cool Scandi style. @solavander, an architect from Norway living in Iceland’s capital, captures Reykjavik’s minimalist building aesthetic. His Instagram stream is a collection of photos studying Reykjavik’s skyline, details of particular buildings and, of course, nighttime scenes with the Northern Lights.



Jessie Brinkman Evans keeps her Instagram, @jebrinks, up-to-date with her constant wandering, a series of stylish photos taken around the world. Her travels this year have taken her to the Nordic countries, including Iceland – her minimalist photography style perfectly contemplating the vast wide open spaces.

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