Instagrams of the month: Spotlight on Antarctica

(Last Updated On: October 28, 2016)

One of the least visited parts of the world, Antarctica is perhaps one of the most photogenic – the surreal landscape devoid of people yet dominated by the forces of snow, ice and water, and home to colonies of exotic wildlife. The continent for peace and science attracts intrepid explorers, passionate conservationists, pioneering expedition leaders and award-winning photographers. For this month’s Instagram spotlight we look at those who have travelled to Antarctica, either for one-off journeys or returning many times, each remarkable photo telling a story as exciting and intriguing as the place itself.


A photo posted by Paul Nicklen (@paulnicklen) on


Award-winning photo journalist, marine biologist and founder of Sea Legacy, Paul Nicklen has taken many captivating photos of the species of Antarctica, his adventures posted on his account @paulnicklen. Pioneering the importance of climate change and the devastating effects it has on the wildlife of Antarctica, Paul has visited since 2006 and gotten truly up close and personal with the animals including an interesting encounter with a leopard seal who mistook him for a fellow seal. This spectacular photo was taken in the waters of South Georgia, the inquisitive leopard seal coming in to take a playful bite of the camera.


A photo posted by Ben Jackson (@benjacksonnz) on


Hailing from New Zealand, Ben Jackson is a photographer and polar expedition leader. Not always relying on the latest technology to get stunning photos, such as attaching a GoPro to a kite for an aerial photo of the coast of Cuverville Island, Ben’s Instagram feed @benjacksonnz is a wonderful stream of the area’s glorious iceberg filled landscapes and action shots of the wildlife, the photos transporting you to this coldest place on earth.


A photo posted by Colin O’Brady (@beyond_72) on


Colin O’Brady aka @beyond_72 is a record breaking mountain climber, traversing the world’s most treacherous peaks all for a good cause. Conquering all Seven Summits, including Mount Vinson in Antarctica, his Instagram account is a tribute to his staggering achievement documenting his daring climb up and down these epic summits. The photos of his ascent up the tallest peak in Antarctica are wonderful, the dazzling blue sky against the untouched white mountainside an inspiring sight.



A terrific example of human endurance, Luke Robertson is the youngest Brit and the first Scot to ski unsupported, unassisted and solo to the South Pole. Achieving this incredible feat in 2016, two years after having lifesaving brain surgery, his photos show a slightly different side to Antarctica than the one visited on voyage cruises.  Now successfully completing expeditions around the world, Luke regularly post photos of his time in Antarctica on his Instagram, @lukejgrobertson, revisiting the stark beauty of the area and it’s magnificent remoteness. Capturing both his triumphant arrival at the South Pole and the physical hardship, his photos would inspire only the most intrepid to follow in his footsteps.


A photo posted by Frans Lanting (@franslanting) on


Photographing the world’s greatest wild places and the beautiful animals that live their, many would say Frans Lanting’s job is one of the best. Photographing for National Geographic, his talent has taken him all over the world – across Africa’s plains, into the depths of the Amazon and all the way to the end of the earth, Antarctica. His photos of Antarctica, posted on his account @franslanting, provide a snapshot into the world of penguins, showing the graceful movements of the Emperor penguins courtship, their sleek swimming style as they dive in and out of the water, how they toboggan on their stomachs to traverse great distances in the bitter cold and an intimate look at a mother protecting her chick perched on top of her feet and underneath layers of feathers.

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