(Last Updated On: December 19, 2016)

Mention Transylvania and it conjures up Gothic images of swooping bats, howling wolves, ominous thunder and lighting and, of course, vampires. So entwined in Gothic horror stories, some may believe Transylvania, home to Dracula, is itself fictional however it’s very much real and absolutely stunning. This central region of Romania is dotted with captivating castles and tumbling waterfalls and covered with forests densely packed with trees and dramatic rocky terrain. The best way to see the grand spires and torrents of the medieval castles, including the iconic Bran Castle, and the dramatic mountains with rugged cliff edges is from up above. Videographer Stanly grabbed his car, camera and drone to capture beautiful footage of the exquisite countryside. Watch this two and a half minute video to be transported back in time to medieval Europe.

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