White Nights in St Petersburg

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2016)

Due to its northern location, from late May to early July St Petersburg enjoys a natural phenomenon called White Nights where the sun never completely sets. It is a wonderful time to visit the city as the days and nights blend together, the sun sitting above the horizon and casting the city in a myriad of pearly hues, the celebratory festivals, concerts and parties creating an exhilarating atmosphere.  Andrew Efimov captures this beautiful kaleidoscope of colours in his video, using drone technology to take us up close to the city’s ornate architecture – the grand statues along the roof of the Hermitage, the colourful onion domes of Church of the Savior on Blood and Trinty Cathedral’s blue domes glided with gold stars. From above he also films the opening of the Neva River Bridge, a tradition of White Nights, the impressive structure lifting to let through the boat traffic and staying open till 5am.

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