Winter Wonderland – Finland

(Last Updated On: December 9, 2016)

A stunning country, we never tire of Finland’s untouched landscapes. Filming the best of Finland’s nature through the harshest weather, Niko Juntunen’s efforts have certainly paid off with her four minute video showcasing the beauty of the country’s night-time. During the day Finland is home to herds of reindeer, groups of huskies and, depending on the time of year, clans of busy elves putting presents together for the big man. Using time-lapse technology Niko captures the ethereal colours of the Aurelia Borealis dancing across the sky, the rotating collection of glittering stars above the trees and the kaleidoscope of warm purples and pink as the sun sets and rises over the snow covered landscape. In case you needed persuading, we think Niko’s video proves there is so much more to Finland than just Father Christmas and reindeer.

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