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A year to remember for many reasons, 2016 has as ever has been filled with exciting travel adventures. With last year now at an end, what better way to be nostalgic over the past 366 days than by searching through Instagram? We’ve browsed the photo sharing app for photos from nomadic travel bloggers experiencing a country for the first time, professional photographers capturing the secrets of their home city and, of course not forgetting, you guys snapping away on our tours. We cannot wait to see what 2017 has in store for everyone. 

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Taking early retirement in 2011 to set off around the world in search of adventure, blogger Jonathan Look aka Life Part 2 has a pretty envy-inducing life. His Instagram is full of photos from his travels across the globe including Thailand, Turkey, Mexico, Myanmar and Cambodia. Jonathan recently travelled on our Highway to Himalayas tour starting in Delhi and making the journey east, visiting some of India’s highlights along the way, before crossing into Nepal and finishing in Kathmandu. While in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal he photographed the stupas, mountain tops and animals of this beautiful country.

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Travelling with us around Nepal, Jaimie Rogers made the most of being just next door to India and headed over the border to visit his first ever New Wonder of the World – the Taj Mahal. In his own word’s he was stunned by the sight of the white marble mausoleum, the world’s greatest tribute to love. While Jaimie took a catalogue of beautiful photographs in Nepal, we think this single photo of his brief time in India, gazing up at the Taj in awe, shows the impact just one monument of a country can have on a person.


The country where it all started for us here at On The Go Tours, there is no where else in the world filled with as many ancient wonders as Egypt. Travelling with us a few weeks ago, Jess Farnes photographed the Temple of Kom Ombo which she visited in between her felucca ride and arriving at Luxor. This unusual double temple is dedicated to two gods, reflected in the architecture of twin entrances, twin sanctuaries and two linked hypostyle halls.


We’ve said it before and we’re sure we’ll say it a few more times in 2017 – Iceland truly is one of the most photogenic countries out there with all its natural sights. Professional photographer Dave Van visited the Land of Fire and Ice with us, his travels including the geysers, waterfalls and valleys of the Golden Circle where he captured the roaring power of the Gullfoss waterfalls.

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The ancient fortified kasbah of Ait Benhaddou, with its crumbling walls in the foothills of the High Atlas, has been the perfect setting for many epic films including Lawrence of Arabia and Gladiator. Ash Haskins explored what was within the high ochre walls of this UNESCO site recently on one of our tours – the subjects of her other holiday photos including the Atlas Mountains, camels riding into the Sahara Desert and the markets of Marrakech.

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Turkey is full of picturesque landscapes perfect for Instagram, from the shimmering salt flats of Pamukkale to the vivid blue waters of Ölüdeniz. Watching the sunrise over Cappadocia from a hot air balloon, the bright colours of the other balloons contrasting beautifully against the dusky colours of the lunar landscape, is the definition of a bucket list experience. Thumy Pham photographed this incredible sight in the early morning whilst travelling with us.


Splitting his time between Japan and Canada, photographer Mitsuru Wakabayashi fills his Instagram with his adventures in these two countries. His portfolio is a mixture of life in the cities of Toronto and Kyoto where he took this candid photo of a geisha walking out in to the street, an iconic symbol of Japan.


Mark and Miranda, the Australian travel couple behind The Common Wanderer, had quite a busy 2016 – road tripping through Namibia, climbing to Thorong La Pass in Nepal and being deserted on a Cambodia island to name just a few. Their travels also included Myanmar, a trip to which would not be complete without seeing the sunrise over the temples of Bagan, watching the incredibly skilled fisherman of Inle Lake and visiting the glittering pagodas of Yangon. Of course they did all this and posted the photos on their Instagram for us all to enjoy.

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