Instagrams of the month: Spotlight on Brazil

Known for many things, great parties, stylish inhabitants, iconic beaches and first-class hotels, Brazil is a wonderful destination. It has many photogenic places, just waiting to be discovered, photographed and shown to the world through social media. No one knows where best to find these places than the people who call Brazil home and we’ve searched Instagram for the people who know this country inside out. While not a hard job, we are now stuck with the serious dilemma of how to pay for the on-way ticket to Rio de Janeiro we’ve just booked …


Living in Rio de Janeiro, Marcello Henrique captures the vibrancy of the city with his colourful playful photos. Browsing through his Instagram feed of beautiful sunsets over Sugar Loaf Mountain, the sky a multicoloured band of pinks, purples and blues, the vibrant and electric street art and the shocking bright colours of the carnival, it is easy to see why Rio is nicknamed the Cidade Maravilhosa – city marvellous.



A photographer, filmmaker and content creator, Paulo del Valle’s passions take him all over the world. However when looking through his Instagram feed it is apparent his heart lies in Brazil, specifically Rio and São Paulo. He has been quoted he as wanting to “capture all the beauty of Rio de Janeiro, showing beautiful spots and also the ‘carioca’ lifestyle” which he does with his signature photography style of catching the city’s landmarks bathed in soft romantic lighting.


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Alongside the cosmopolitan urban life, for many the thought of Brazil conjures up images of stunning coastline – piercing blue waters lapping up on golden sand beaches full of people with matching golden glowing tans. Renata Pedrosa lives in Rio de Janeiro but takes photos of the country’s natural world with her trusty camera and GoPro. Her Instagram feed is a wanderlust inducing catalouge of sunsets over Ipanema Beach and adventures through the forest of Ilha Grande island, interspersed with photos of days in the city.


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While Rio is known as the glamorous, friendly and flamboyant city, São Paulo is it’s gritty, honest and surprising cousin. A sprawling urban landscape, slightly rough round the edges and holding 20 million people, São Paulo has many cultural delights. On his Instagram account Vinicius Mancini shares photos of the towering skyscrapers, lines of traffic, groups of people and hidden street art – showing the beauty that can be found in a cityscape.


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It wouldn’t be a photo blog dedicated to Brazil without an appearance from Christ the Redeemer. Dutifully watching over the city from atop of Corcovado mountain he can be spotted from many different vantage points, spotted here from a corner of the city’s botanical gardens, Jardim Botânico, by Ticiana Porto. A Brazil native Ticiana’s Instagram is a stream of photos and videos of Brazil, mixed in with snaps taken on her travels.


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