Instagrams of the month: Spotlight on Dubai

Dubai is one of the world’s fastest-growing cities, the iconic buildings reaching high up to the heavens creating a spectacular skyline. It’s mesmerising to look out over the cityscape from these towering heights. Layers of twisting freeway threading through the futuristic skyscrapers. The metallic man-made structures of the Palm Island fanning out in the cobalt blue waters of the Persian Gulf.

Beyond this hides a rich culture, historic buildings, aromatic spice markets and rolling dunes of a vast desert. With so much to experience, it will come as no surprise Dubai is one of the world’s most Instagrammed places. As of 2016 it had been geo-tagged more than 34 million times, an average of 36,847 per day. So, what better way to spend a Friday then searching for the best Instagrams of Dubai?

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As well as photographing her many travels, @pixelville uses her great eye to stylishly capture her home of Dubai. She reaches great altitudes to shoot the world-famous architecture along with positioning herself back down on earth to take snaps of the blazing red desert landscape.

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@mydubai is a diverse collection of Instagrams taken by both residents and visitors. The account acts as a visual tour guide showing people sides to Dubai they may not know existed. As well as photos of skyscrapers, five star hotels and infinity pools, there are the winding souks of Al Fahidi, the exclave of Hatta Dam and alleys of street food stalls.

Although a Dubai lawyer, Huda Bin Redha’s passions are photography and travel which she documents on her Instagram accounts. When she is not travelling, she turns her artistic focus and her camera lens to her home. Her Instagram account @hudabinr combines colourful photos of the Dubai Design District and street art with stylish images of the modern architecture, from afar and up close.

Michelle Karam lives a lifestyle many would be jealous of. Through her Instagram @traveljunkiediary and her blog of the same name she documents the travel experience flying in and out of Dubai. Her recent exploits include Japan and the Maldives, however she always returns to her Dubai home for rest and relaxation on the city’s white sand beaches.

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While he travels far and wide to photograph some of the world’s most gorgeous landscapes, Dennis Stever always finds inspiration at home. The Dubai resident’s Instagram feed, @dennisstever, includes glamorous and glittering city shots, and romantic long exposures of desert sunsets.

And of course, this collection wouldn’t be complete without a shot of the skyscrapers poking their way through the clouds.

Whether you’re experiencing Dubai as a stopover or staying for a holiday, we want to see your photos. Tag your photos with #onthegotours for a chance to be featured on our Instagram account.

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